My name is Dale Pitulski.  I am a blessed husband and father with a love and passion for God who has in turn gifted me with a passion for technology and music.

Character, passion and tenacity are the attributes I strive to exhibit in all areas of my life, and value long term relationship over instant reward by esteeming others greater than myself.

My Story

I have always been technically minded.  As a child, I often enjoyed setting up my toys for a monstrous toy war more than the actual “battle” itself.  When given the opportunity, I would raid broken electronics and components and dismantle them.  At that time I had no idea what I was up to, but it was neat to break things down into their individual components.

I remember the “Dot Com Boom”.  I had recently received my first computer:  a no-name (that I can recall) box running an AMD 586 processor at 133 MHz in turbo mode.  With that, I began my journey into the Internet and computing.

I did not take much technological interest in anything other than gaming up through high school.  However, I did manage to pick up one of the basically free computer deals from the “big box store” when you signed your life away to Internet access and it was at that time I got more interested with what these things could do.

Shortly after graduation, I began researching how I can get the most out of my purchase.  Via forums and company documentation I began purchasing used parts off of auction sites, modifying and upgrading my rig.  Once college hit, it was a veritable arms race of hardware that saw PIII’s to P4’s, Voodoo 3 to GeForce Ti, IDE RAID, and Windows XP, and most importantly…LAN gaming.  At this point I was hooked and all things hardware set my heart fluttering.  There was not a day that went by I wasn’t dreaming of my next purchase.


Following college, I found myself exceedingly good at hardware and software troubleshooting and while not always finding a career in it, always the go to guy for friends and family, and even began contracting my services.  A few years later, my first  IT job that would launch my career…Junior Network Administrator for a local business.  After rising to IT Administrator for that business, I have decided to share my experience with my own venture.

Technology by Dale Pitulski was born during a single conversation where my colleague can be quoted in saying:  “Everyone knows something about something.”  After much prayer and consideration, I felt the green light to launch my own technology services venture.

We now live in a time of a rapidly changing technological frontier where clouds are not just for shade and rain, security is simultaneously the worst and best it has ever been, and we run dozens of virtual computers within one box.  Technology is my goal and my passion and know that I will work toward the goal of meeting your needs with the same passion, intensity and integrity.